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      Welcome to Guangzhou Kablee Auto Parts Co.,Ltd official website. 中文版 Service Hotline:+86-020-35660600,+8613780189686
      Talent development values: respect human values, develop people's potential, and sublimate people's hearts.
      Talent Development Vision: This is a company with a hundred rivers. In this enterprise, ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become excellent people, and people from all walks of life realize their dreams of life here.
      Talent Strategic Planning Objective: To cultivate and create a talent team that has won market leadership, created outstanding enterprises, and led value-oriented, and supported the realization of the strategic goal of Kabli Talent.

      Talent is the first resource of Kablee. The card is the best in the world. Whether it is a doctor, master and senior management, or fighting in the production, sales, scientific research, service front line, with their hard-working hands, to play their own ingenuity, ordinary workers, managers, marketing staff, ordinary Scientific research workers are also outstanding talents that are constantly developing and indispensable.

      Due to business development, the company now recruits the following personnel:

      1. Project Manager

      2. Product Manager

      3. Doctor (Chemical Engineering)

      4. Materials Research

      5. R & D testing

      6. Quality Technology

      7. Equipment Technology

      Resume delivery Email:hcm@kablee.com.cn
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