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      • Main applications
      • Technical properties
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      PVC tape KBL-P06

      Product description

      Part name:PVC tape
      Part code:KBL-P06
      Materials: PVC + Acrylates copolymer
      Characteristics: Excellent flexibility and flame retardation performance, universal wrapping tape. Hand-tearable.

      Main applications

      Technical properties

      • Substrate
      • PVC
      • Adhesive type
      • Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
      • Width
      • 9/19/25/32/38/50mm±0.2
      • Thickness
      • 0.10mm±0.02
      • 180°peel-off strength
      • ≥3N/19mm
      • Tensile strength
      • ≥19.6N/19mm
      • Stretch performance
      • ≥100%
      • Temperature resistance
      • -40℃(4h)~105℃(3000h) / 125℃(240h)
      • Flame retardation
      • Self-extinguishing
      • Withstand voltage
      • AC 1000V
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